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Fetch data directly from php to flutter

I’m currently working on a Flutter project with php mysql as the backend. Is there anyway that I could possibly fetch data directly from php file? I’m so clueless. For example, how do I fetch $dept from php file below and display it in a widget or store the data in Flutter: Future _saveCheckIn() Thanks in advance. Answer You can

What should be my port number if I am using php database locally in my pc and using that api in flutter mobile application using physical mobile

I am currently fetching api from php database(Served locally in my pc) and sending get/post request from flutter mobile application using url = “” , here I used port number because I am using virtual emulator and it works fine. My question is what should be my port number if I am using physical mobile device to run flutter

how to descrypt an aes encryption from flutter in php

In my flutter app am using an encryption package called encrypt . and am able to encrypt my chat messages using this code but the problem is that the encrypted part will be stored in mysql database and flutter local database (sqflite) too and when i want to build a website for the app using php mysql html css javascript.

How to send POST request from Flutter app to PHP server

I’ve tried to send a POST request from my Dart application to a PHP file on my server that only checks if $_POST[‘username’] is set, what happens is that the request seems to reach the server but the server refuses to “read it”: This is what the server sees when a request is received (seen by using: file_get_contents(‘php://input’)) but if

Exception has occurred flutter

I have a method to read the data from the database. The code is completely working, but there is a problem, it is if I run the code and there is no data in the database, I get the error: And my code: PHP code: I previously searched the old topics here and tried all the topics and problems similar

Flutter/MySQL: How to pass URLs from mysql database to PageView/ImageSlider Widget?

I would like to pass a dynamic number of image url’s from my mysql database to a PageView Widget as a simple ImageSlider. Problem: Several type errors like “the argument type ‘List(ImageList)’ can’t be assigned to the parameter type String.” OR “type List(dynamic) is not a subtype of type List(String)”etc., if i pass the selection to the Widget. Question: How

how to upload image on flutter to MySQL

I am a newbie in a flutter. Can someone show me how to upload an image to my MySQL? I can’t find any solution in the past weeks. My Code: import ‘dart:io’; import ‘package:flutter/cupertino.dart’; …

Flutter / Dart AES-256-CBC decrypting from encryption in PHP

Could anyone help me to figure out a decryption algorithm for data that is encrypted in PHP using AES-256-CBC. I have tried lots of different ways, but I think I am messing up when trying to replicate the method of recreating they Key/IV in Dart and keep getting exceptions such as: The PHP code that does the encryption (which cannot