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Tag: laravel-8

How to use my own pre-existing table for authentication in laravel 8?

I installed auth in laravel 8 but I don’t want to use the default table dedicated for authentication Users because I have my table Users_inf in this case I can’t use migration, Users_inf also has 200 records. Users_inf(user_id, password, user_name,privilege,active,CREATED_AT,UPDATED_AT). CREATED_AT and UPDATED_AT added by me to be compatible with laravel. I am using user_name for login not email. please,

How to validate a unique field on a record update

I am recently started a laravel project to control some activities, but I am currently having issues with the validation specifically when updating a specific record on a table that contains unique values A couple of notes a started this project a couple of days of the launch of laravel 8 last month so perhaps there some changes that are

Undefined index on laravel8

I’m learning to display public API data from I have tried to display data with the following syntax: InfoController.php index.blade.php And the result is like this: enter image description here What is the correct syntax for displaying data from the public API with laravel8? Please help, thank you. Answer Your error doesn’t actually have something to do with Laravel,

Failed to install laravel/jetstream on laravel 8

after the installation of jetstream via composer composer require laravel/jetstream then suddenly get an ErrorException that there’s no such file or directory. I use this guideline for the installation. I tried to delete the vendor and run composer update doesn’t work tried to cache clear but still doesn’t work. Answer Uncache your routes and try again. Remove jetstream from