How to redirect from google drive in laravel

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I’m using google drive in my project for login with google.

It’s working fine for me, but the problem is when user select email, in callback method user have to redirect to '/', but user will redirect to home, this is callback method :

public function callback(Request $request)
    $googleUser = Socialite::driver('google')->stateless()->user();
    $user = User::where('email', $googleUser->email)->first();

    if (!$user) {
        $user = User::create([
            'name' => $googleUser->name,
            'email' => $googleUser->email,
            'password' => bcrypt(Str::random(16))


    return $this->loggedIn($request, $user) ?: redirect(route('login'));

It’s ok for next time user login with google, but for the first time redirect to home.

And in loggedIn function for the first time returned false because two_factor_type is off in default :

public function loggedIn(Request $request, $user)
    if ($user->two_factor_type === 'on') {

        $request->session()->flash('auth', [
            'user_id' => $user->id,
            'remember' => $request->has('remember')

        if ($user->two_factor_type === 'on') {
            $code = ActiveCode::generateCode($user);
            //TODO send sms

        return redirect(route('login.twoFactor'));


    return false;

Even in my LoginController or RegisterController i changed this :

protected $redirectTo = RouteServiceProvider::HOME;

To this :

protected $redirectTo = '/';

So why it will redirect to home ?


in app/Http/Controllers/Auth/LoginController check if the controller protected with middleware, e.g:

public function __construct()
    //meaning if there is user authenticated not guest,
    //when he hit function other than logout()
    //will be redirected to default landing, in code below

in app/Http/Middleware/RedirectIfAuthenticated will check if current auth()->user() is authenticated

change the default code to :

public function handle($request, Closure $next, $guard = null)
    if (Auth::guard($guard)->check()) {
        return redirect('/home'); // here change the default redirected

    return $next($request);

Source: stackoverflow