What are the CRUD Commands that have to be run in Tinker with Laravel 8

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When I run the known tinder CRUD Commands in Laravel 8, they aren’t working

What I ran was the Create and Find commands

$user = new AppUser;

But they aren’t working, I knew that in Laravel 8, the Model file is in this path AppModels ‘File’, and I tried to modify the creating code from $user = new AppUser; to $user = new AppModelsUser; But also this doesn’t work and the error I get is

PHP Fatal error:  Class 'App/Models/User' not found in Psy Shell code on line 1 

So generaty what are the changes to tinker in Laravel 8

Note: I also tried to clear the cache and clear the composer and it didn’t solve the problem.


In Laravel 8, you should do it this way:

$user = new AppModelsUser;
$users = AppModelsUser::all();

or above the controller class declaration, do

use AppModelsUser;

then in the method, you can do

$user = new User;
$users = User::all();

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