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Tag: datetime

Check TimeSlot is between another Time Slot

So I have block time and appointment time let’s say block time is and the appointment time is now I want to check if the appointment time is between block time and vice versa my current code other conditions condition 1 if appointment time is and block time is then also it should not allow booking condition 2 if block

Getting different weeks for my two january orders

I am just facing issue with getting right week for my orders which I want put the numbers of orders in different weeks it into graph. The issue is that the order made in 2022-01-02 is week 52.. but order made in 2022-01-03 is week 1.. how can i achieve that the both orders will be in the same week

Change colors depends of values of the date

I want to change color of the whole line depends of duration of the date. Example, If duration of the date is between 3 and 6 color is orange; more than 6 must be show as red. May I know How can I make that? Above code is in php how I count for cycle time tab. For dt_issue, it

Extract a YYYmmDD in PHP

I have images and videos from my camera which are uploaded to my server. In order to properly organize them I need to extract the year month and day. But I cant seem to get this pregmatch right.. Input would be 20211215_083437.jpg Output would be Year2021 Month11 Day15 Answer You need to remove the $ anchor in your RegEx to

strtotime returns today’s date for a date in wrong format

When I pass ‘7.12.60’ to strtotime, it returns timestamp of today! I know strtotime guesses the format of the given string but here the value is not correct at all! it just returns today’s timestamp: What i expect is to receive a false or a correct value and not a made up one Answer As mentioned in comments of @aynber

PHP – Date Format to include a string

I am trying to format a PHP date to be of the following format: Wednesday 3rd November 2021 at 11:01am My code is below: $date = new DateTime($dateOfChange); $date = $date->format(‘l jS F Y “at” g:ia’); I have tried: $date = $date->format(‘l jS F Y “at” g:ia’); // displays: “am01” $date = $date->format(‘l jS F Y at g:ia’); // displays:

Monday 2 weeks from sunday last week. How?

I run into a bit of a challenge trying to figure out how to capture the range of 2 week payrolls. How would I go about modifying the -2W case? Answer You should really look at DateTime probably DatePeriod. But to answer the question with existing code I think you will need two formats, one if today is a Monday