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Tag: dependency-injection

Laravel – Middleware custom typed Request parameter

I want to use VacancyListRequest to pass through middleware parameters and use its rules to validate them before controller action. I know that middleware acts Pipeline pattern, but does anybody know how to use any custom type except default IlluminateHttpRequest? Middleware Controller Error AppHttpMiddlewareVacancyBeforeVacancyIndexRequestMiddleware::handle(): Argument #1 ($request) must be of type AppHttpRequestsVacancyVacancyListRequest, IlluminateHttpRequest given, Answer You are getting that error

Symfony autowire/autoconfigure not working

I created a symfony 5.3 api. My plan is to inject the “EntityManager” via “EntityManagerInterface”. Error that comes: My services.yaml My CreateUserAccountController.php in src/Controller/: My composer.json: I know that I dont use the Manager, but it doesn´t work for me. The webserver I use: symfony cli webserver Has anyone a idea, where the problem is? Answer This is actually a

Symfony inject array through services.yaml

I am trying to inject an array to Event Subscriber, but I also inject an other repository so I don’t know how this will work: Here’s what I am trying: services.yaml TerminateSubscriber.php: It says that the first parameter should be an instance of the Repo, array given. But if I switch the parameters it says “optional parameter given before required”

Overriding Mailer service in Laravel 5.4

I am trying to override the default implementation of Mailer in IlluminateMailMailServiceProvider. At first, I thought that I will just extend the service and switch the implementation in the container followingly: AppMailMailer AppProvidersAppServiceProvider The problem is that even though I’ve overridden the container definition when resolving the service it ignores my definition completely because IlluminateMailMailServiceProvider has $defer = true property,