How to convert Array to Array list for CSV export using FputCSV?

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I need to convert an array with multiple results to a CSV file but am struggling to get a valid output . After some debugging I realized I am not generating a valid array list for fputcsv to iterate …

After ajax call, date picker work but the formatting not

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Below is the Ajax call in index.php $(document).ready(function() { $(document).on(“click”, “.result p”, function(e) { $(this).parent(“.result”).empty(); …

Check if any item in one array is contained in any item in another array

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I have an array of subscriptions/plans (access levels): define(‘PLAN_A’, 0); // 0001 define(‘PLAN_B’, 2); // 0010 define(‘PLAN_C’, 4); // 0100 define(‘PLAN_D’, 8); // 1000 …

Can I pass a variable into an if(isset($_FILES[‘whatever’])) logical process?

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I am new to PHP and am trying to create a page which will change/update/refresh depending on which form buttons are selected. This part works. The purpose of the site is to allow multiple file …

output the_field of related posts with ACF Relationship

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and first off all, thanks for help. I have to following code to display related posts from one custom post type to another with ACF Relationships. what i want to know, is it possible and how can i …

How to use print all comments for respective posts using relationship in Laravel 8

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I am trying to print all comments per post using the relationship, Error: Property [comments] does not exist on the Eloquent builder instance. Post Model class WorkTravel extends Model { use …

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Check availability of appointment slot

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I am creating an area for a user where he can make an appointment. The available appointments are inside a table called: bigo_appuntamento This table has these 5 fields bigo_appto_id –> ID …

PHP weird curly brace syntax?

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Does anyone know if PHP has an alternate curly brace syntax? I’ve come across a PHP file with a weird syntax I’ve never seen before. It’s being used in a Wordpress theme. Here’s an example of the …

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PHP laravel frontend how to upload/send csv file to backend api?

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How to send file as form data using laravel GuzzleHttpClient? My upload.blade.php: <form action="/upload-order" method=&…

Getting properites of static class in static function?

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I just wanna get return class properties in not instantiated class use. There is no way to instance this class? Please tell me…! My example is below↓↓