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PHP viewing folder content

I am trying to create a file server. What I am trying to do is -> on the page there will be lots of folders displayed, when you click on one you will be shown its content and if there is a folder inside of this folder you can click on it and it will display the content of that

Get latest file in dir including subdirectory php

i found out that i can use to get the latest file in the given directory (‘myfolder’). is there an easy way to get the latest file including subdirectorys? like: myfolder> dir1 > file_older1.txt myfolder> dir2 > dir3 > newest_file_in_maindir.txt myfolder> dir4 > file_older2.txt Thanks in advance Answer To the best of my knowledge, you have to recursively check every

Laravel Storage::disk(‘public_path’)->files() returning wrong path

In the following route, inspecting the image paths that this method returns, they all have “/categories/” at the start but this is not right, the actual path should be /public/images/categories/gallery/1 not /public/categories/images/categories/gallery/1 The following is an example of a route where it actually gets the correct paths So my question is, why is it in the previous route, it returns

PHP file processing, possible data corruption

I have a file composed of 3 rows. The first row is a string of data. The second is a number and the third is another number. There are two PHP scripts running at the same time. The first is writing data in the first and third rows. The second is writing data in the second row and is reading

What are the ways of sending images to my server?

I’m mostly a PHP backend / HTML/CSS frontend developer, so I’ve always sent images to my server from the client using either form enctype: multipart/formdata or through a FormData object when uploading through ajax requests. After that I would receive the file in the $_FILES array. Lately I’ve been working with REST APIs and I’ve been doing some research about