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How to write french in fpdf

i need to write some specific french caracteres like é è ê … etc this is the cell : and this is the output : Is there a solution ? Answer You can use utf8_decode()

Fill pdf form image field with image

I have tried to use pdftk to fill a PDF form with text and images. Filling out text fields works fine, but it cant seem to add an image to an PDF form image field. Is there any way to add an image to a form field with pdftk ? Or any other way to do this? Heres my pdf:

mPDF how to leave all content on a single page

I want to export an HTML to pdf using mPDF, but I want everything to be on a single page, without any page breaks. How can I do that? Answer “mPDF has limited scope to control when automatic page-breaks occur, and does not have ‘widows’ or ‘orphans’ protection.”

How do I download a pdf blob file from database?

I’m trying to download a pdf file from the database stored as a blob datatype using the code blow, right now I’m only able to view the file as .php and not .pdf. The $result->mime contains the data-type of the file as application/pdf. The $result->pdf_file contains the PDF file itself as BLOB. On execution of the php code, I am

PDFlib PHP place images next to each other

I have multiple Images coming from an array (could be 3, could be 10) and I want to place them next to each other and if they don’t fit anymore, place them in a new line. I have written a foreach statement and I got it to work, so that they place into a new line if they don’t fit

PDFlib place table on bottom of defined fitbox

I have created a table in PDFlib PHP and defined the coordinates of the fitbox as the following: Now I want the table to start at the bottom of these coordinates and I want the table to grow to the top if I add more cells. How can I achieve that? The function I wrote so far (here the table

FPDF not working in creating a simple pdf

I’m playing with FPDF library and i try this simple code: But it didn’t do anything. No document or exception is popped out. If i correct, if everything is fine a document should appear. I have no idea why it’s not working. Any help would be very appreciated 🙂 Answer Your problem comes from Header function on your PDF Class.