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Binary image from API, convert and save path

Im receiving a binary image from an API (Line API) After receiving it, I want to save the image in my public folder and save the path in my database. There were several answers on SO that I thought could work like using intervention/image but I could not manage to fix this. Ive also found a comment saying this cant

What are the ways of sending images to my server?

I’m mostly a PHP backend / HTML/CSS frontend developer, so I’ve always sent images to my server from the client using either form enctype: multipart/formdata or through a FormData object when uploading through ajax requests. After that I would receive the file in the $_FILES array. Lately I’ve been working with REST APIs and I’ve been doing some research about

Upload compressed image file from client-side using JavaScript

I am trying to compress images on client side using JavaScript on some low bandwidth devices and I’m currently stuck in a limbo using the HTML5 File API. I’m new to this, please bear with me if I’m missing something important. I have some input tags which should ideally open the mobile camera, capture single image, compress and send files

PHP image upload – several errors

So, I’m trying to upload an image using move_uploaded_file(). Here is the code: HTML FORM: PHP SCRIPT: But I’m getting lot of warnings: Can someone please help me with that? Answer # Array to string conversion This warning is in insert function: you passed array ($_FILES[‘fileImage’]) instead of string. It seems that you want to store address of image, if