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Uploading large video file

I would like to build a webpage(simple form) where users can submit media files, most likely video files. The video files will be anywhere from 100mb – 500mb(or possibly more, depending on the file compression) I was wondering if you could recommend any hosting plan(or company) that may fit my requirement. I was thinking that I will be writing php

Laravel 8 file upload validation fails with any rule

I want to validate a file upload but with literally any validation rule, I get “The (name of input) failed to upload.” I’ve seen this issue in a few places but none of the solutions worked for me. I’m using Laravel 8.0, php 8.0.2, and nginx/1.18.0 on ubuntu. Controller: Blade file: If I get rid of the validation rule for

PHP, Image preview with javascript and uploader by PHP

I made PHP script to preview an image before upload it, which is simple and easy to read. the first part is to displays the image then to upload it after pressing Submit button. I have an issue with uploading the image, it doesn’t upload. Answer You have several logical errors in your PHP Code as well as HTML. When

sql error while trying to store the image to database(UPDATED)

UPDATED: As suggested in comment section I have updated my code and using PDO now. I still have the same error. I am trying to store multiple images to the database (phpmyadmin). When I try to upload it gives an error Error: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘file.png’ in ‘field list’ My database: I have an database named