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PHP Upload Multiple Images through Loop

I am trying to upload multiple images in a loop but for some reason it will create the directory, upload 1 file and create the MySQL record so I’m not sure why it only uploads 1 file even though when i’ve printed $i to see how many files have been counted it always counts the correct amount. PHP HTML I’ve

PHP image upload – several errors

So, I’m trying to upload an image using move_uploaded_file(). Here is the code: HTML FORM: PHP SCRIPT: But I’m getting lot of warnings: Can someone please help me with that? Answer # Array to string conversion This warning is in insert function: you passed array ($_FILES[‘fileImage’]) instead of string. It seems that you want to store address of image, if

PHPMailer file upload is this correct

Hi I have been struggling with working out the correct way to structure file uploads. With a lot of help I have managed to get it working but want to make sure that what I have come up with is correct and secure. Here is the full code. One thing that occurred to me is if I am moving the

Access File Uploaded Attributes in Laravel 5

I upload a file In my controller, I did this I see this I want to pathname: “/private/var/tmp/phpb73hcy”, I’ve tried I just want this /private/var/tmp/phpb73hcy Any hints for me ? Answer Use $this->getPathname(). The Laravel UploadedFile class extends the Symfony UploadedFile class, which extends the Symfony File class, which extends the PHP SplFileInfo class. The latter has the getPathname() method.