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Tag: email

imap_setflag_full seems to do nothing?

I’m trying to flag a message as seen: The output is bool(true) but when I then re-fetch my messages (imap_fetch_overview) this is what I see: Clearly I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t spot what. Answer As written in the comments of imap_setflag_full, pop3 apparently does not support flags other than the deleted one. After switching to IMAP flags work

Sending emails to multiple addresses using config PHP file and PHP Mailer

I setup a config.php file to make it easy for my clients to add emails, subject and other sending information for an online form on their website. It looks like this: The challenge I am having now is sending to multiple emails. I tried “sendTo” => “,,”, but it throws up invalid email error. In the sending file,

Namespace with extend from wordpress class not working

I’m having trouble with namespaces. When I put a namespace, my application will look for the class I extend in the namespace, while I want my namespace to be for my Quote_Recieved class. But I have this error : Uncaught Error: Class ’emailsWC_Email’ not found in C:xampphtdocswordpress….. How I can put my namespace for Quote_Received and not WC_Email ? Thanks.

Sending mail using Mailjet smtp in laravel 8

I need to send a few mails with my laravel application, and they are not really personalized. I’ve used the markdown mail system in laravel, and everything was smooth for the tests. I had mailtrap setup to catch all the mails, no problems. Now I have to use mailjet to send mails – not to create emails and everything, just

Why does PHPMailer fail to connect to my SMTP server

PHPMailer version: 6.5.0 When I am trying to connect my PHPMailer script with my SMTP server I am getting this error: The first “SSL loaded” is my script checking if it has OpenSSL enabled. My mail server is: Note: “” is the IMAP and POP3 address as well. I ran a command that would test if the mail server is