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Tag: imap

imap_setflag_full seems to do nothing?

I’m trying to flag a message as seen: The output is bool(true) but when I then re-fetch my messages (imap_fetch_overview) this is what I see: Clearly I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t spot what. Answer As written in the comments of imap_setflag_full, pop3 apparently does not support flags other than the deleted one. After switching to IMAP flags work

how to identify php imap client to gmail?

I want to identify my php imap client to gmail so user can check which imap is currently using the gmail. The details who is using the gmail inbox right now can be check by click on details gmail activity details when check email by thunderbird using imap connection. thunderbird identify itself like this thunderbird imap details but when I

Get Gmail All folder IMAP PHP

I want to access the All folder in gmail via imap. in different language and in different name. What should i do? The code of connection is: Answer This is the solution i found for the problem.The idea is that the All folder contains the biggest number of mails so we have to get the number of mails in all

Remove char from imap mail extract

I am trying to fetch a mail in imap from Google, I’m using the imap() function from PHP IMAP library and I want to use a preg_match() call on my mail content but I have a strange issue, I have curious break lines altering the normal preg_match(). More details: I have in my markup something like that: I am running