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Using global variables in PHPMailer

Instead of this: I would like to keep the values in a separate file and use variables instead: I’m already using output buffering, have set the global scope, and the variable values contain the quotes. Still not working. Answer To begin with, kindly read @Synchro’s comment. Create a php file if you’ve not done that already (eg. mail_config.php) and declare

Sending emails to multiple addresses using config PHP file and PHP Mailer

I setup a config.php file to make it easy for my clients to add emails, subject and other sending information for an online form on their website. It looks like this: The challenge I am having now is sending to multiple emails. I tried “sendTo” => “,,”, but it throws up invalid email error. In the sending file,

Change Message-ID PHPMailer

Hello I am making a php based mailing application that will connect with a external smtp server and send emails. Now I have managed to match everything but the Message-ID’s @domain-name and Sender domain name are not matching… This is the result I am getting : Wrong Message ID Header and this is the result I should be getting (this

Setup PHPMailer in a linux server GoDaddy

I extracted the PHPMailer zip in my server root and created the contact.php file to handle the contact form data but when i submit the form i get an error not one i used in my catch block get this error Oops! An error occured and your message could not be sent. i, need some help setting up the PHPMailerin

Why does PHPMailer fail to connect to my SMTP server

PHPMailer version: 6.5.0 When I am trying to connect my PHPMailer script with my SMTP server I am getting this error: The first “SSL loaded” is my script checking if it has OpenSSL enabled. My mail server is: Note: “” is the IMAP and POP3 address as well. I ran a command that would test if the mail server is

Not able to attach the generated PDF in Php using FPDF

I am using FPDF and Phpmailer to generate a PDF file and sending it as an email attachment. My script for PDF generation and phpmailer are working perfectly when I use them as independent scripts. Now, when I combine both scripts to generate and display the PDF form (without saving it to to the filesystem) and send this PDF document