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showing contents of a table using PHP in HTML

I have this code snippet: and both inside submit.php, however, while the feedback table inside judges database is not empty, I don’t see any of the rows shown in the HTML page only the column name shows up in the Response tab of Network tab in Firefox Inspect tool. What do you suggest to populate the existing database into the

HTML – input field jumps out of html table

I have a ‘dynamic’ table where someone can change info about a person. When clicking on ‘update’ the cell should change to an input field. This works, but somehow the input field jumps out of the table and sits above it. This is part of the function that shows the table: This is the page where the function gets called

How to make all PHP echo values go into a HTML Table

How do I fix this issue, you see in the picture below, my code creates a table successfully and echos the first item correctly, but if any other item is added to the cart, it gets displayed below the table, outside the border, not in a row. Desired Result: For ‘Sara Lee Muffin’ and the quantity, and price (example) to

How to turn a table vertical using PHP

I am just learning PHP ,and I want to create a table that display echo data that I submit to my database , the problem I have that the table displayed horizontally by default as you see Horizontal default table this my script but I want it to be echoed vertically instead like this VERTICAL RESULT I WANT and I

CSV to HTML Table using php

I am trying to take data from my CSV file and use php to display it in an html table, sorted by customer last name. I have tried a couple things and it doesn’t seem to be working. The output I got is: Right now the format is last, first,address,city,district,postal code How would i import this to an html table

“Delete row” button for MySQL in PHP

I have a table that becomes populated with data from a MySQL database, and each row receives its own delete button. I would like to have the option to delete each row separately with a delete button that deletes the corresponding row in the database. How would I go about doing so? Here’s the part of the code that I