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HTML – input field jumps out of html table

I have a ‘dynamic’ table where someone can change info about a person. When clicking on ‘update’ the cell should change to an input field. This works, but somehow the input field jumps out of the table and sits above it. This is part of the function that shows the table: This is the page where the function gets called

Is it possible to use placeholders on ?

I’m currently working on at the displaying of information from a database. I was making a summary site where you can only see the important things of a table. After that i made the first element as an <input type=”submit”> in a <form>, so u can click it and come to the detail site. My problem is now: The value

PHP “php://input” vs $_POST

I have been directed to use the method php://input instead of $_POST when interacting with Ajax requests from JQuery. What I do not understand is the benefits of using this vs the global method of $_POST or $_GET. Answer The reason is that php://input returns all the raw data after the HTTP-headers of the request, regardless of the content type.