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Tag: prepared-statement

Should you use prepared statments on LIMIT

One day I was googling to understand when a prepared statment should be used. As I searched online many claimed that you should use always prepared statments. Now the question I have is… does this also count for LIMIT? I mean it is possible (I tried) but is it really that rational? Same question on ORDER BY too. Answer When

Handle empty variable in a prepared statement

Sometimes my script receives a $_POST[“is_searchfield”] request from a form. Then I want to use this variable as a part of a “Where” clause of a MySQL query. Otherwise this part of the “Where” clause shouldn’t afflict the rest of the query. For the query I use a prepared statement. If the $_POST[“is_searchfield”] has a value the query works as

sql update multiple column in a foreach loop using prepared statement

Im studying this PHP script on how to prepare for multiple execution of a UPDATE statement. The script below shows update for 1 column using prepared statement. Example from PHP manual What if I have multiple column to update, how do I create an array to bound multiple variables to a prepared statement in foreach? New update SQL statement

How to Add the Quantity of Duplicate Products entries. If the Product Quantity is Less than 8 return it

In my API. I have a product table with attributes product_id, category_id, item_id, size_id, brand_id, product_price, product_quantity, location_id, product_manufacture, product_expire, created_at And I am returning the products information’s response of which quantity is less than 8. Here I am previewing data in client side. This is code which is returning the product information. But I have same product entries more

PDO insert array in array

i’m confused … I am encountering a tiny issue that drives me crazy. I have arrays in an array which i’d like to insert into an SQL table. My issue is that i don’t figure out how to insert arrays in an array … The arrays: Array ( [1] => Array ( [diploma] => Master [institut] => IAE ) [2]