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Tag: authentication

delete or clear session in symfony 4.4

I am saving the current user s data in a session, I am using Symfony 4.4 I am getting and setting the data to the session variable this way is there any way to clear and delete the session after logging out I tried and deleting the session one by using remove and nothing happened Answer i randomly came across

Customize new authentication errors messages on Symfony5.3

on my new symfony 5.3 project i just implemented the new authentication system, and it works fine, but my problem is that i can’t customize the authentication errors: in the method: onAuthentificationFailure in the AbstractLoginFormAuthenticator but in my view it only displays the session error which is normal since my controller calls the getLastAuthenticationError() method. but how could I display

Middleware auth keep logging me out? Edit: RedirectIfAuthenticated logging me out?

Fairly new to Laravel and tried to make a Login page. Edit 2: Tried to use Guard and when I’m redirected to RedirectIfAuthenticated it seems somehow the auth()->check() or Auth::check() return false at handle function here’s my RedirectIfAuthenticated.php The Auth was able to store the user, but it keeps logging me out when I’m going to HomeController where it had

PHP not redirecting on Ubuntu Server

I’ve built a website login form on my local Windows machine that works perfectly but when deployed on an Ubuntu web server, the login for redirects to /login.php# Below is the code used – LDAP has been uncommented from the extensions section in php.ini on the Ubuntu server. Is there something Linux specific I’m missing here? Many thanks, Craig Answer