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Tag: webserver

MediaWiki w/.git:Unable to open all skins. throws uncaught exception

”’Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: Unable to open file /skins/MinervaNeue/skin.json: filemtime(): stat failed for /skins/MinervaNeue/skin.json”’ I tried running MediaWiki 1.38 (upgraded from 1.37.x) and tried using .git. Everything went smoothly, but after configuring the install through the browser (mw-config) I went to the site and got an 500 error. I turned on error reporting and got that error above (over and

How do I set up my server to work with PHP

I want to use PHP with a server that i’ve coded my self. (Not Apache etc) I guess I have to send the http request and some additional data from my server to php, but I dont know how to make that connection and how to format that message. I know I can run scripts with php.exe, the problem is