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MediaWiki w/.git:Unable to open all skins. throws uncaught exception

”’Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: Unable to open file /skins/MinervaNeue/skin.json: filemtime(): stat failed for /skins/MinervaNeue/skin.json”’

I tried running MediaWiki 1.38 (upgraded from 1.37.x) and tried using .git. Everything went smoothly, but after configuring the install through the browser (mw-config) I went to the site and got an 500 error. I turned on error reporting and got that error above (over and over). I’m on a shared hosting provider , I can’t edit the overall config, I can alter some php.ini settings, but I think it is something simple. I tried changing my DB password in case it was that: Fatal Error Uncaught Exception unable to open INI file

I’ve already googled using different phrases and the exception with “php” and “mediawiki” Nothing except other fatal exception but none with failing to open a file. I’ve tried checking the permissions (directories are 755, and files are 774), checking the spelling of all the involved directories, changing the path to not use relative paths, re-downloading the skins, and changing which version of PHP (7.4 FastCGI to 7.4) I’m using from my ISP’s control panel. Nothing worked, and for a bit I broke it so bad that I was getting blank pages, but found those errors, But I can’t find the solution to this one. I’m out of Ideas. Help.



So, I it turns out the problem was my LocalSettings.php file was corrupted. Once I deleted the file (so it would cause mediaWiki to regenerated the file) & went into the mediaWiki setup again, and it worked as expected.