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Tag: session-cookies

Session-Handling doesn’t set properly on PHP

I’m working on php-Website for my School-Project which I have to get finished soon. Now I’m stuck with my Session-Handling. User signup & login works just fine. But this variable isset($_SESSION[“useruid”]) is always false and doesn’t let me access the homepage, even the alert in the header says, that I am successfully logged in. Here are the two parts, which

Best way to securely transfer user to different URL while maintaining their ‘logged in’ status

In the latest version of our SAAS product, we are designing it to allow our customers to deploy multiple instances of the software. We require the sign up and login to be tightly integrated into the primary domain – the “sells the product to new customers” website which features “Sign Up” and “Login” forms that use jQuery/AJAX to give

Why cookies are added rather than changed?

I am developing a site where each user should have their own id. When I went into the console, I saw that the id was duplicated instead of being one. Is this normal and should it be? Answer Cookies, by default, use the path of the page that they are set for. You should explicitly set the path to /