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Tag: if-statement

How to create if statement in foreach in php

How to create if function in foreach in php I want something like this if(currency==id) script should exclude it Here is the php code Answer Assumptions: You want to exclude all items that have the same id and currency. Each item in the result should have the keys ‘id’ and ‘currency’. You may use the functions array_map and array_filter to

If isset function variable paramenters php

I have this function The problem is that sometimes the variable Product $product doesn’t exist and this gives me an error. I would like to do a kind of if isset and if it doesn’t exist just apply the $product variable I’m new to programming I hope I don’t offend anyone with this question hehe To explain myself better, I

php file size validation

I would like to create in php file size validation for every single file. I used for loop to add attachments, and then created condition to check file, but it’s not working. There’s no error, but it send mail with oversized attachment, instead of stop. Without the size validation part, it sends mail without any problems. For sending I used

Warning: Undefined array key in php for unknown reason

Hello everyone I was practicing php arrays and my editor cannot detect an error I have with my php however when it runs I get the error message Warning: Undefined array key 3 in php while still printing the output correctly. my html form is: my php form is: and the php program file to run it all is: After