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Tag: setcookie

How to send the PHP value back to the HTML form?

I’ve been trying to build a program using PHP cookies. The user interface basically looks like this. My basic program The logic is this. When the user enters the product name, price and quantity and clicks on the “Add” button, the total value which is price*quantity will fall on the “Total bill value” textbox. The user can go on adding

Why cookies are added rather than changed?

I am developing a site where each user should have their own id. When I went into the console, I saw that the id was duplicated instead of being one. Is this normal and should it be? Answer Cookies, by default, use the path of the page that they are set for. You should explicitly set the path to /

What does this cookie line mean? (time()+1*24*60*60;)

I have a php code that says this time for the cookie to expire What exactly does this mean? Answer As hinted to in the comments – that’s a calculation of seconds from the current time. That’s 1 day (86400 seconds). 7 Days could be calculated similarly as: You can find a lot more explanation and examples in the PHP

Check if a PHP cookie exists and if not set its value

I am working on a multilingual site so I tried this approach: The idea is that if the client doesn’t have an lg cookie (it is, therefore, the first time they’ve visited this site) then set a cookie lg = ro for that user. Everything works fine except that if I enter this page for the first time, the first

keep track of user page view using cookie php

I have this code here: What I’m trying to do is keeping track of the page views the current viewer using cookie. I’m a bit confused with this code because when the web visitor views the webpage for the first time, the result came back saying “Number of views: 0”, when it should be “Number of views: 1”. Why is

php setcookie domain

Some application, not written by me, and not in PHP, creates a cookie for the domain “”. I am trying to replace that cookie. So in php I did: setcookie(‘mycookie’,’mydata’,time() + 2*7*…