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Tag: php

How do I install the php_gd2 extension in MAMP on a Mac?

I’m running MAMP 1.7.2 on a Mac and I’d like to install the extension php_gd2. How do I do this? I know that on Windows using WAMP I’d simply select the php_gd2 entry in the extensions menu to activate it. How is it done when using MAMP? I know that I can do it using MacPorts but I’d prefer not

php Zend / MVC without mod_rewrite

I’ve seen it mentioned in many blogs around the net, but I believe it shoud be discussed here. What can we do when we have an MVC framework (I am interested in ZEND) in PHP but our host does not provide mod_rewrite? Are there any “short-cuts”? Can we transfer control in any way (so that a mapping may occur between

Variable parameter/result binding with prepared statements

In a project that I’m about to wrap up, I’ve written and implemented an object-relational mapping solution for PHP. Before the doubters and dreamers cry out “how on earth?”, relax — I haven’t found a way to make late static binding work — I’m just working around it in the best way that I possibly can. Anyway, I’m not currently

PDF Editing in PHP? [closed]

Does anyone know of a good method for editing PDFs in PHP? Preferably open-source/zero-license cost methods. 🙂 I am thinking along the lines of opening a PDF file, replacing text in the PDF and then …