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Tag: math

Php array to pow numbers revers function problem

When I run the code above, I convert 24 sample data into a folded number and print it. Then when I want to call the numbers from the database and convert them back to strings, some of them seem wrong. Result: Reverse engineering is required. There is a problem with the number 30 in the aiflag2array function. The array2aiflag function

PHP Variable value based on user input

I’m building an application to help customer calculate various product prices. Right now I’m building a feature where user enters a single number to the application and submits a form. Based on that number, I would like to define another variables value. What I’d like to achieve If user input is number between 1-10, set variable number to 200. If

Php code to see if two lines are parallel

I want to write a PHP code to see if two lines are parallel. We have But it’s not working correct even if given two parallel lines Answer The Slope is equal to m = (y2 – y1) / (x2 – x1) I made some changes in your formula so it’s working I think. it’s just a math problem

Iterate array of arrays in reverse and subtract following subarray values from current subarray values

I have a dynamic multidimensional array like this: I need to loop through the subarrays and overwrite the current values of each subarray to represent the difference between the original value and the following value with respect to the subarray keys. This describes the arithmetic desired on each subarray element (the value after the = is the new desired value):

Calculating The Percentage Change Between Two Numbers

Looking for some clarification on below code for calculating the percentage change between two different number of which the original could be a greater or smaller number. So will this code work for showing either a increase + or a decrease – change? Thanks. Answer Find difference and then count percentage like this Difference will be same for 110 and

How I can create my own pow function using PHP?

I want to create a function in which I put two values (value and its power – Example function: multiply(3, 3) result 27). I have tried so far but failed, I have searched using Google but I have been unable to find any result because I don’t know the name of this function. What I want exactly: 3,3 => 3