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How to display pagination links in a blade on Laravel 8?

I need to add pagination, but it seems complicated in my case, because I get data from database with paginate, but then I modify this data and when I call links() method on the blade, I get the following exception Method IlluminateSupportCollection::links does not exist. My code in the Controller method: Yes, a pagination limits my data to 10 rows,

Pagination when there is no “next page” button and url doesn’t change

I’m trying to scrape with Puppeteer and Node.js The scraper works but only gets data from the first page as I don’t know how to paginate. The issue is that the URL doesn’t change depending on the page number, and there is no “next page” button. How can I implement pagination with such constraints? Below is my entire code:

pagination data with laravel 5.8

I´m traying to paginate my results of query, but i have a problem with this. I have this code in my controller: and in my view: but i have one error when render blade: i did a print_r and this it´s result: so that, i can show my post in my blog page, but when render blade i can´t show