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Image in text line is slightly offset

I’m trying to make a clickable button by treating a hyperlink with CSS and adding a little icon next to it. Everything but one detail works great; namely the icons which are slightly offset from the text on the button. It looks as follows: As you may see, the white icons (12x12px) on the buttons are slightly higher than the

Can I add a base64 image to the $_FILES array?

Is there a way to add a base64 image string to the $_FILES array (the array that you get when you upload a file)? Basically, I want to fake a file upload from a base64 string. The base64 string comes from an email attachment. I don’t wish to use file_get_contents(), because I want to save the image in a database

Secure image upload in php

I am making an image upload function which I can re-use in my code, which has to be 100% secure. Please tell me if you can spot and security holes in my initial code; UPDATE This is how far I’ve gotten with your help and some research, please tell me what you think. I don’t mind much about the speed,

Convert tiff to jpg in php?

I have a server which holds TIFF images. Most clients can read and display TIFF images, so there’s no problem. However, some clients can’t handle this format but can handle JPG. I thought of using PHP’…

PHP – Unzip and convert images from .jpg to .bmp

I’ve a code that unzip files that I upload to my server, it works without any problem. But now I want to add another function. I want to convert all images that are in .zip file (.zip file only contains images) from .jpg format to .bmp. There is some easy way to do it? If there is not, at least

Converting BMP to JPG in PHP

In a site I’m developing I need to be able to pass all my images through imagejpeg(), so I decided (as my site only accepts JPG, BMP + PNG uploads) to simply convert BMPs and PNGs to a JPG first. Now to convert the BMP I used the script found here: The script works fine when I pass a