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Display images with VueJS and Laravel

I am trying to display images with VueJS, but it either prints {{ activity.image }} or shows a compilation error. These are the attempts: How do I do it? Answer I assume activity.image is coming from the JavaScript, since you’re using the dot notation. You can use v-bind:src=”activity.image”, yes, without the mustache. or if it came from PHP, you should

How to recognize khmer unicode in intervention images?

I’m using Intervention images packages in Laravel to create Khmer Unicode watermark on the images but all those characters isn’t recognize with Unicode format Used defualt code I got unrecognize format as the images. Answer I may suggest you to use the font that be able to render in different design tool such as for Photoshop, mostly the font start

How to compress image before uploading in Laravel?

I’m making a images gallery website where users can upload any image and they will be displayed on frontend. I need to compress images without effecting it’s quality to reduce there size so that page load speed should not effect that much. I’m using following code to upload image: Answer You need to optimize the image for web usage as

WordPress add responsive srcset header image to theme

WP introduced support for srcset in version 4.4 for Thumbnails and Post images. But I can’t find a way to make the page header responsive. Here is how I embed the Page header: This loads the header image (which can be uploaded in the backend > Design > Customise) in an src. But I’d rather include all custom image sizes