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Tag: compression

How do I upload a gzip object to s3?

I am creating a gzip string and uploading it as an object to s3. However when I download the same file from s3 and decompress it locally with gunzip I get this error: gunzip: 111.gz: not in gzip format When I look at the mime_content_type returned in the file downloaded from s3 it is set as: application/zlib Here is the

The gzuncompress of php equivalent on javascript

I have a php file that do: and on javascript i do a request on php and i want a function that do the same of gzuncompress(data) for take the result = “TEST COMPRESS” again on client side. EDIT: Thank you @aaronk6, zlib worked! If someone ready this question, the zlib will works if the php is with gzencode(), gzcompress

MySQL COMPRESS vs PHP gzcompress

I am developing a PHP application where large amounts of text needs to be stored in a MySQL database. Have come across PHP’s gzcompress and MySQL’s COMPRESS functions as possible ways of reducing the stored data size. What is the difference, if any, between these two functions? (My current thoughts are gzcompress seems more flexible in that it allows the