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imagecreatefrompng merge 2 PNG images into one PNG php

I am working on php code where i merge 2 png images into one image. Actually it is school id project. Where i put profile pic on school card. card profile output how i can remove black ………… i tried all solution on stackoverflow and google but no success Answer You should tell the system the width and height of

Apache2 does not show .png images

I just started migrating my code to the google cloud. The server runs Ubuntu but does not display my images (.png). When I open the console and open the link address directly I receive a 404 not found; but when I just go to `“I receive a 403 Forbidden message. Could it be the case that some permissions for the

Problem pasting one image into another PHP

I want to paste the $original image into the center of $fondo image, i write the following code: The result i got is this: As you can see the cyan color is affecting original image: Any ideas on what i’m wrong? Thank you! Answer the solution is: Creating the image as imagecreatetruecolor instead of imagecreate Then, need to paint the

How to convert PNG to 8-bit PNG using PHP GD library

I want to write a routine which takes PNG image path as parameter and convert that image into 8-bit PNG image. I need to use PHP GD library for this. Answer To convert any PNG image to 8-bit PNG use this function, I’ve just created function convertPNGto8bitPNG () Parameters $sourcePath – Path to source PNG file $destPath – Path to

Resize PNG image in PHP

I’m getting a no image display when resizing PNG however the following code works for JPEG. I’ve put the headers in but for some reason I’m doing something wrong for png images. Answer Last argument in imagepng($image_p, null, 100) should be between 0 and 9.

PHP gdLib 8-Bit PNG with alpha

how is it possible to save my image, created with gd, as an png-8? it saves as gif with transparent channel well – but I want to use png-8. Best Regards, Beerweasle Answer Using imagesavealpha() and a transparent bg color should do the trick… Based on dfilkovi’s code: