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Merge PDF files with PHP [closed]

My concept is – there are 10 pdf files in a website. User can select some pdf files and then select merge to create a single pdf file which contains the selected pages. How can i do this with php?

How can I get today’s timestamp in PHP

I tried but when I output it I still get the time eg “22 Jan 2011 4:53:59 pm”. Why is that? UPDATE Ah… many people misunderstood me, my bad, I forgot to point out the main point. I created the date with just the date portion, I don’t want the time. So I’d expect something like Answer You can call

Write Post data to file with PHP

I need to post data using the code below, to php file that will save it in a text file. I just don’t know how to create the php file to receive the data below and save it in a text file. as simple as possible. Answer Simple as:

How to enable gzip?

I have found a couple of tutorials on how to enable gzip, but nothing seems to be working for me, so my question is how do i enable gzip. I am on a shared Dreamhost hosting server, It is running PHP …

Formatting Phone Numbers in PHP

I am working on an SMS app and need to be able to convert the sender’s phone number from +11234567890 to 123-456-7890 so it can be compared to records in a MySQL database. The numbers are stored in …

How do I run a PHP script using windows schedule task?

I have installed localhost/server in my machine and I need to run a php script using windows schedule task. how do I add path in “Actions” tab in schedule task / cofigure the script to run for particular period? Answer Locate the php.exe executable on your system and pass it the name of the script file using the -f parameter.

PDO’s query vs execute

Are they both do the same thing, only differently? Is there any difference besides using prepare between and ? Answer query runs a standard SQL statement without parameterized data. execute runs a prepared statement which allows you to bind parameters to avoid the need to escape or quote the parameters. execute will also perform better if you are repeating a

tcpdf imagebox and cropping

I would like to add a ‘imagebox’ a box which contains the image and crops exceeding image value that is outside of this box. something like this: I am not sure on how to do this if it’s even possible….