Why is PHP considered to be the easiest web programming language to learn? [closed]


It is widely believed that PHP is the easiest programming language to learn for a beginner. The argument goes that PHP is the easiest language to use for getting a quick prototype up-and-running.

Why might this be? What, specifically, makes PHP easier to use than other languages?

Would this remain true, even when learning to use the object-oriented aspects of PHP? Or is it actually the object-oriented aspects of PHP that make it easy to learn? How does it compare with other web programming languages?


Conceptual simplicity.

A php site can consist of one file representing one page, with the dynamic content embedded within the static markup as needed. You can scan down a simple php file and see everything defined and run sequentially.

With a simple php site, there is no learning curve where one has to figure out in what file a specific piece of logic belongs, or in what external file a function has been defined.

Of course there is a reason that frameworks like rails provide lots of files and a fixed structure, and I would definitely recommend using one for any sizeable (and probably almost every small) site.

I do think though that it’s this very low barrier to entry that is responsible for a lot of php’s popularity.

I don’t think that there’s any reason a better php style system couldn’t be written in ruby or similar – think just directories and .erb and .haml files and nice 4.days.ago syntax. But most people who could do this see the value in the extra tools that a framework provides. Sinatra is a minimal framework, in which it’s possible to define an entire site in one file, but even it has routing powered by code instead of just directory and file naming.

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