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Tag: xml

Access data in nested array with PHP

From a web service I am reading an xml file with the following structure I then use the following php code to parse through the data I would expect the code above to display Instead my output is I am real beginner in php and cant really figure this out… Any help please? Answer $productsArray[‘StoreDetails’] is a 2-dimensional array. $value

Retrieve OuterXML From XML Child Node

I need to retrieve the OuterXML for each speak tag. For example, I need to retrieve this data for the first speak tag in test.ssml: index.php test.ssml all tracks.mp3 bookmarks.dat Test 1 Test 2 Current Output in Browser Desired Output Answer You can get the XML directly using the SimpleXML function asXML() and don’t need (as far as I can

Search in PHP and XML

im working on a website for a customer and I need to make a search form. The website is a Car Dealership, you can check it here Right now i have the cars being pulled from a XML file by a php function So, i wanted to do an Ajax call or something like that so that the page

How can PHP pull the JSON data from VIMEO API and print it on XML file?

I am calling the following Vimeo API to return all the videos under the specific videos. What I was trying to achieve is to only pull the particular JSON data that I desire to. “uri” and “name” is the only data that i need. And how can I print this thing to a XML file? BTW this is my

Including properties with xpointer in Sulu templates

I have set up some Sulu templates and I have been able to use the method described here to include the contents of an entire file in multiple templates: I’m using: <xi:include href=”fragments/common-properties.xml”/ and this works perfectly However I have then tried to include the properties from another template using the xpointer method (in order that i can include

How can I show XML external entities in a php page?

I am currently working on a little library project using XML to define books, and php to do a search using title/author then showing that specific book in the browser. So I made a bunch of books in XML files, then linked those files as external entities in my main XML file. I used a DTD to define the entities,