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Tag: xml

How can I show XML external entities in a php page?

I am currently working on a little library project using XML to define books, and php to do a search using title/author then showing that specific book in the browser. So I made a bunch of books in XML files, then linked those files as external entities in my main XML file. I used a DTD to define the entities,

I want to delete data in xml but it can’t

When I try to delete, I can’t delete it properly. It will stuck at number 2 if(isset($_GET[‘action’])) { $mahasiswaa = simplexml_load_file(‘input.xml’); $nim = $_GET[‘nim’]; $index = 0; …

Invalid characters in XML tag name

We have a huge database where users can create custom fields. Every UTF-8 character is allowed in their name. Until a few weeks ago, when they export their data in XML, only invalid characters that …