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How to pass php variable to html template from Database in WordPress

I’m making my own WP plugin, which has a text field containing some template, which I save to the database (table=templates, field=template), something like this: Then I’m trying to show a message to a user: And it is output “Hello {$user_name}” instead of “Hello Bob” I can not get how to pass PHP variables to HTML throw the database. I’ll

TYPO3 – Error by creating custom content element

I need your help creating a custom content element. I use TYPO3 ver. 10.4.21 and I’d added extensions (fluid_styled_content and sitepackage). I could create a wizard and content type (CType) for dropdown list, but if I let show my content element on the frontend (websie), then an error occured: Oops, an error occurred! Code: 202111110917379495faab. Maybe there are errors by

Reorder customer details in WooCommerce email notifications

I am trying to change the order of the customer details fields displayed in the Woocommerce mail sent to both customer and admin after purchase (table name: addresses). I checked the file responsible of outputting the billing & shipping fields which is plugins/woocommerce/templates/email-customer-details.php but the customer details are outputted only through a foreach loop and the variable $fields is not

What hook for product image replacement in WooCommerce shop page

What function is called when WooCommerce returns image for products in shop page? I would like to replace image with something else. Answer To find out, you need look at content-product.php template source code from line 36 to 42: So when looking at woocommerce_template_loop_product_thumbnail() involved hooked template function source code, you will see that it uses woocommerce_get_product_thumbnail() function: So to