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Tag: opcache

Is blacklist of opcache ignored when file_cache is enabled?

I am using php-fpm 7.4.3 on ubuntu 20.04. My blacklist of opcache doesn’t work at all. Scripts I visited are cached when file_cache is enabled. Here’s my configures. php.ini opcache_blacklist.txt test.php Some information from test.php There is a strange thing: everytime I refresh the test.php, blacklist_misses is increased by 1. If I disable file_cache (opcache.file_cache=) in php.ini, num_cached_scripts and num_cached_keys

Install php-opcache for PHP installed via Remi’s repository

I have an environment with the following setup: Centos/RHEL 8 PHP 7.4 installed from Remi’s repository I have set installed php like so: Now I want to install php-opcache. However dnf is reporting that there doesn’t appear to be a module php74-php-opcache. I’m fairly convinced this has something to do with how repos are set up, as on my dev

How to precompile php opcache using command line?

I’m trying to warm up opcache via opcache.file_cache feature using console command. My opcache.ini: before I start my php-fpm process I compile files by executing scrpt from clommand line: This script generates compiled files to specified (/tmp/.opcache) directory. Then I start php-fpm process, but no precompiled cache is not used and opcache compiles cache every time php-fpm process being restarted.