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Tag: xdebug

PHP var_dump() in xdebug ignores __debugInfo() magical method

Xdebug seems to ignore PHP magic method __debugInfo() in user defined classes when using var_dump(). This is especially unhandy when injecting dependencies (with dependencies, with dependencies…). Is there a setting for Xdebug’s var_dump() so it works with __debugInfo() as expected? Or a workaround in PHP maybe? I could not find anything. Answer Xdebug’s philosophy is to show data as it

Xdebug 3 not included in phpinfo()

I have a problem with Xdebug on Mac OS using Big Sur. Below, I will explain what is happening. When I run phpinfo() – I don’t see a Xdebug section at all. When I run commands such as xdebug_call_file() it throws a PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function error. Here are all the configurations: php -v: PhpStorm

Cannot step xdebug with NetBeans since php 8

Since upgrading from php 7 to php 8, I can no longer Step Into/Step Over/Continue with NetBeans IDE 11.0 and xdebug 3.0.4. xdebug (via NetBeans) is configured to “Stop at First Line” – and this works. That is, the (local host) web page is suspended, and the NetBeans Step Into/Step Over/Continue buttons are enabled. But, when I click any of

Limit value of array show in debug side bar

I’m trying to increase the value limit of an array in debug side bar. By default, with an array with many elements, vscode only displays up to 32 values. I want to increase it to a certain number or unlimited. This is my launch.json file: But it seems that using max_data is incorrect. So, how to increase it to a

xdebug installed successfully on linux but not working

I have installed and configured Xdebug on my Linux system, however, I can’t see “Xdebug” in my PHPinfo file despite enabling and when i put the phpinfo source code page in the xdebug wizard , shows me that: Xdebug installed: no Have you any ideas on how to solve this issue? Also, I added the following lines to the end

Failing to load Xdebug when running PHPUnit Tests

I have been having a option for a few days. When I try to run a PHPUnit test I get a message saying failed to load Xdebug. I have tried to reinstall, change filepaths etc but I am getting nowhere. Hoping somebody can help me out 🙂 Answer Failing loading xxxx.dll is an indication that PHP can’t load the extension