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Tag: cpanel

Blank page issue for Laravel project in Subdomain

I am having a Blank Page issue for Laravel Project in a Sub-domain (cPanel). The root domain ( already has a Laravel application. So I was trying to upload another Laravel project in a Sub-domain ( Unfortunately, it was showing a White Screen with no error. Sub-domain details Subdomains: Document Root: /public_html/ecommerce Files of public and index.php is in

Laravel could not find driver Cpanel

I deployed my Laravel project on Cpanel but there’s an error “could not find driver(SQL)” I’m using Mysql database in Cpanel, and I have checked pdo_mysql in PHP extension. but when I looked on phpinfo(); and find pdo_mysql, the result is 0/0 How to fix this? Thanks in advance Answer Thanks for your reply. The culprit is my PHP version

File not sending via cron job (PHP script)

I’m trying to create a cron job that sends an email with a file attachment once a day. I’m using a simple PHP script to test this and it works fine when I go to the URL and run it. However, when running it via the cron job, the email is sent but not the file attachment. Here’s my PHP

laravel project on cpanel subdomain error: HTTP ERROR 500

I have a confusing error with laravel 7 project. This project when I uploaded it into the main directory It worked successfully. but when I uploaded it into a subdomain it gives me 500 error. I did steps that mentioned in this answer but it didn’t work also How to set up a laravel project on cPanel subdomain? Hope someone

Can’t include js files in php file on cpanel

I am trying to use a JavaScript library (from GitHub) on my website but I can’t get it to work. It works when I set it up in VS code but not when I upload my code to cpanel (along with the required files). The website is a wordpress site so I just create page templates and link the templates

login page php code not working on cpanel blank page comes after succefull login

The code is working perfectly on localhost xampp server but not working on Cpanel I think sesion_start command not working. If i login using wrong password then it shows an error its mean php code in LoinPage.php wroks but when i enter correct username and password it will show blank page instead of taking me to AdminDashboard.php LoginPage.php AdminDashboard.php connection.php