Does Google App Engine (GAE) locally develop environment included the Memcached service?

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Does the Google App Engine local development environment include the Memcached service? Must I connect the living Memcached service over the Internet even if I debug my PHP service in a local …

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How to format a PHP date in .Net DataContractJsonSerializer format?

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There is a requirement to send a date inside a JSON post using PHP in this following format /Date(410256000000-0800)/ How do I convert a standard dd-mm-yyyy h:i:s datetime like 01-01-2013 12:00:…

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PHP keeps sending data


The following function keeps loading the page and I can’t find the problem. The values are: $per_page = 10; $soort = 2; $query = “SELECT id, name, email, status FROM users WHERE company_id = ” . …

Laravel put array into selectbox

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I am facing some problems with my selectbox, where i will put all available categories into the In my controller i am using this snip: return View::make(“stories.add”) ->with(“title”,”…

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No route found for /, even though a route is defined

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I’m getting the following error when I try and visit my app_dev.php page: No route found for “GET /” The thing is that I defined this route, my routing.yml file looks like this: 0 v42homepage: 1 …


phpunit –debug still displays only dots

I want to see which test is currently executed during a phpunit run. I use the –debug param but still only get dots: $ phpunit –debug PHPUnit 3.7.19 by Sebastian Bergmann. Configuration read …

Twig Template Unit Testing

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I began to think about Continuous Integration for the twig templates in Symfony. A template is independent logic. There are mistakes in the templates. But in the process of development I do not want …

How do I format Nested Set Model data into an array?

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Let’s dig in the main problem right away, I have the input like this $category = array( ‘A’ => array(‘left’ => 1, ‘right’ => 8), ‘B’ => array(‘left’ => 2, ‘right’ => 3), ‘C’ =&…


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I have this query below which I am trying to port to Zend (even further below lol). I am getting this error: Uncaught exception ‘Zend_Db_Table_Row_Exception’ with message ‘Specified column “…

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Setting cookie using header(“Set-cookie”) vs setcookie() function

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I’m refactoring some code and found something I’ve never seen. the function is used for user to set cookie when user logs in: function setUserCookie($name, $value) { $date = date(“D, d M Y H:i:…