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Tag: wordpress-theming

WordPress add_filter to element after hook

Is it possible add a filter to a hook after an HTML element thats after the hook? Example Template file: Or is it possible to add an element around the <a id=’logo’></a> ? Like: <div class=”logo_container”><a id=’logo’></a></div> Answer The short answer is “no”. Hooks run at the place that the developer decided to place them. Any code before them, unless

Impossible to display list of *past* or *all* events (events manager plugin) in WP BACKEND with self-created theme

Sorry, this problem needs a longer description and I don’t really have any code to post (or rather, I wouldn’t know what code to post – see below)… I have two websites with two self-created themes in which I use the Events Manager plugin. These themes are very similar concerning HTML structures, php code and javascripts, they differ mainly layout-wise,