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Tag: woocommerce

How to modify woocommerce_before_cart action

I’m trying to make my woocommerce cart template display as a full 12 column layout. The existing layout is using bootstrap’s col-sm-8 column. I need to change it to col-sm-12. I checked out the relevant woo-templates shown here, and copied the cart.php template into my theme to override. However, it looks like I need to modify the woocommerce_before_cart action to

woocommerce get list of attribute values

I’m using woocommerce on wordpress to create a simple shop site and I’ve added a couple attributes to a product. These are namely, size and color. Under size I have a variety of values including Small, Medium and Large. Same with color ie. Red, Blue, Green. What I want to do is show these values in a dropdown. Basically just

WooCommerce return product object by id

I am creating a custom theme for woocommerce and I need to be able to create a mini product display. I am having problems finding documentation on the woocommerce api. I have a comma delimited list of product IDs that I need to iterate through and display a custom mini product display for each in sequence. Any help would be