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Redirect user to other website on when clicked on Add To Cart button

I need help in finding the correct hook for WooCommerce. I’m trying to integrate design-builder API with the WooCommerce store. I have to make a redirect to the builder’s website when a customer clicks “Add To Cart” on the product page. Example URL I need redirect to:{UniqueID} {UniqueID} is generated with this: Is there a WooCommerce hook to change

WooCommerce Product SKU checking is not working

I am trying to create and update woocommerce products automatically from an API. I have created the starting point of the plugin and this is my method that gets the products from the external API and then loops through them and creates a simple product in woocoommerce. It creates the products perfectly fine however if I run the code twice,

Remove product purchase notes in certain WooCommerce email notifications

I try to remove the purchase notes from the order completed mail. Currently the purchase notes are in the order confirmation mail and also in the order completed mail. But we do not want that info in the order completed mail. So for that I found this input here: I also found that snipped here below. But with that