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Tag: woocommerce

Redirect user to other website on when clicked on Add To Cart button

I need help in finding the correct hook for WooCommerce. I’m trying to integrate design-builder API with the WooCommerce store. I have to make a redirect to the builder’s website when a customer clicks “Add To Cart” on the product page. Example URL I need redirect to:{UniqueID} {UniqueID} is generated with this: Is there a WooCommerce hook to change

Trying to find the right hook for WooCommerce Order Submission

I have a plugin I developed that connects a WooCommerce order to HubSpot. The issue i’m running into though is that while it works, the hook im using right now is sending order info to HubSpot before its technically complete. So this means that stuff like Failed orders get sent in as Pending, and coupon codes are ommitted. So i’m

Adding css class to featured products in woocommerce

I would like to loop throught all products in shop/category page and add special css class to product if it is featured. I have tried to do this with add_filter hook but it seems I am to dumb to get it working. Answer You were right about using a filter. I don’t know which filter you were trying but you

WooCommerce Subscriptions – Automatically complete renewal orders and Subscription status

I am working on a site which uses WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Memberships. It sells subscriptions which renew annually. The only payment gateway being used is Cheque (renamed to Pay via Invoice), so all renewals are manual renewals. An invoice is sent to the customer (outside of WooCommerce) and the store owners mark the order as Completed in admin when