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Tag: stripe-payments

Stripe PaymentIntents PHP, setting price

Basically, the problem im having is between php and javascript, where my php function is createPayment() I can’t put javascript variable so I can’t enter the amount ($) of the order I’m really stuck on what to do. Maybe a post event to the server to create payment via javascript but I don’t know how to do that Javascript: Server

Stripe checkout: description in dashboard instead of pi

Can anyone help me? I migrate form v2 to v3 checkout. how can I send my custom description order in stripe dashboard description column? now I get only the payment id pi_1IrhQALKfdoxxl3X07seJ5anto with old API by description I would do: with the new API : Thank you Answer according to the stripe documentation :

PHP – Stripe Webhook is giving a TLS Error

I am trying to set up webhooks for Stripe. The webhook connects to which then forwards the request (after adding a validation token) to Both these urls are hosted on the same server. Payment Intents generated from successfully go into Stripe. (Update: I can also query run successful Stripe commands like StripeCharge::all() from authdomain, which verifies that