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How to add payment fee to cart in Prestashop?

I want to add payment fee to cart with a product created for payment fees. But when i add to cart the product for fee then i use $cart->getOrderTotal(), it doesn’t show the real price with fee. It shows the order total as product price without fee. I use SpecificPrice class for this action. And i think prestashop orders page

Sha-out sign not matching in Ogone

I’m trying to make a payment plugin for my webshop for Ogone ideal payments. I can make a payment, but when I return I cannot get the SHA-signs to match. I have the following get request on return: According to the documentation, I have to order the keys alphabetically and only hash those that are allowed. These are the allowed

Magento Custom Payment Method: how to get data that was set via Mage_Payment_Model_Method_Abstract::assignData()?

I’m currently developing a payment method and things are working quite well. Just one thing: The customer enters some information along the payment method and through debugging I can see that it gets written into the InfoInstance via Mage_Payment_Model_Method_Abstract::assignData() Unfortunately, I can’t read that data when I’m in the capture()-Method. I retrieve the InfoInstance and try to read the information,