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Tag: migrate

Laravel migrate ends up in wrong database

I have the following settings in .env When I run Everything seems to be ok. But when I look at my target database “unwa”, it is empty. A die and dump revealed, that I was connected to another database “auction” that happens to be the first (alphabetically) database. I find all my tables in the “auction” database. How can I

Method IlluminateDatabaseSchemaBlueprint::unsignedBidInteger does not exist

error in terminal C:xampphtdocslearninglaragonlavuedatabasemigrations2022_07_17_042348_create_transaction_details_table.php:18 IlluminateDatabaseSchemaBlueprint::__call() this my php migration }; When i put php artisan migration sees an error like above Answer There is a typo in your migration file on ‘transaction_id’ declaration. Your migration file should be like this. Check the line with the comment. Kindly read this.