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Tag: entity

Entity not visible in swagger UI api platform

I use Api Platform & Symfony (5.4) + php 7.2.5 I created an Entity by myself, I just added one file in /src/Entity and it’s not working. I refresh, I cleared cache, I adde @ApiResource… But the Entity is not visible in the doc page in API Platform. Have you an idea where the error is ? Thanks ! Here

Entity not found with Symfony 5.1

I have an issue with an Entity. The goal is to display a Form which the user can use to change his personal information like the Email or password. I created a form for that, but when I created the /Edit Route I get the following error: “AppEntityUsers object not found by the @ParamConverter annotation.” Here’s my Controller: Here’s the

Doctrine : Default value on joinColumn field

New to symfony2 and Doctrine. How can I set a default value to the field foo_id (which is a reference on Foo table) to point on the ID 1 of the Foo table (which exists in all cases) ? I tried a lot of things without success : Set default value to ID 1 in the constructor of Foo Perform