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How much data can be sent via $_GET

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How much data can be sent via $_GET in PHP5? Is there a maximum number of variables, string length etc? Thanks in advance.

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Questions about shifting from mysql to PDO

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I have recently decided to switch all my current plain mysql queries performed with php mysql_query to PDO style queries to improve performance, portability and security. I just have some quick …

Why do PHP Array Examples Leave a Trailing Comma?

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I have seen examples like the following: $data = array( ‘username’ => $user->getUsername(), ‘userpass’ => $user->getPassword(), ’email’ => $user->getEmail(), ); However, …

Can I embed a .png image into an HTML page?

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How can I embed a .png file into a blank “file.html” so that when you open that file in any browser you see that image? In this scenario, the image file is not linked to from the HTML, but …


Getting the record ID just added with mysql prepared statements

I’m inserting a record using PDO and saving the result in $result which I use as a boolean $result = $addRecord->execute(); if ($result){ //add successful } else { //add unsuccessful } I’…

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Using PHP as template language

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Edit: Great points all around, dedicated templating language is obviously the way to go. Thanks! I wrote up this quick class to do templating via PHP — I was wondering if this is easily exploitable …

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phpmyadmin – default to structure instead of browse

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Can I set the default in phpMyAdmin to open in structure instead of browse? thanks

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select field information with min time value

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I thought I was doing the right thing but I keep getting the wrong result. I am trying to simply find the id of the entry with the min time, but I am not getting that entry. $qryuserscount1=”…

How do I display exception errors thrown by Zend framework?

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I am working with Zend framework and just hate the fact that I seem to encounter hundreds of exception errors like if I try to reference a non existant property of an object my application just dies …

Creating an XML sitemap with PHP

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I’m trying to create a sitemap that will automatically update. I’ve done something similiar with my RSS feed, but this sitemap refuses to work. You can view it live at http://designdeluge.com/sitemap….