Unable to locate factory for [LaravelPassportClient]

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I have a laravel app with passport installed to manage api auth. I’m trying to write some tests but I’m unable to create a Client as per the docs on laravel. I’ve googled similar SO answers but they all suggest using setUp and tearDown methods which I am doing. When I run the test I get


Unable to locate factory for [LaravelPassportClient].

How can I get this to work?

Below is my code. I have included the Client model from the passport package and I am using the setUp and tearDown methods as suggested in similar SO answers.

I’ve tried composer dump-autoload and php artisan config:cache.

use LaravelPassportPassport;
use LaravelPassportClient;


use RefreshDatabase;

protected function setUp(): void

protected function tearDown(): void

public function testAPIEndpointFailsWhenNoParamIsSet()

    $response = $this->postJson('/api/endpoint', [
        'param' => ''

        ->assertJson(['message' => 'Unauthenticated.']);


passport client factory should be existed on publishing …

if it did not …. make it your self:

from : here

use LaravelPassportPassport;
use LaravelPassportClient;

$factory->define(Client::class, function (Faker $faker) {
    return [
        'user_id' => null,
        'name' => $faker->company,
        'secret' => Str::random(40),
        'redirect' => $faker->url,
        'personal_access_client' => 0,
        'password_client' => 0,
        'revoked' => 0,

Source: stackoverflow